Services.- experts in importing quality automobiles from Europe or North of America to Spain. Our consultants in Germany, Uk, and USA provide us a wide selection of the best classic and vintage automobiles available in the world.

We make all arrangements to bring the car from any country to your place. Best shipping companies are in collaboration with us. They offer a door to door service with a professional handover when you need your classic car transported to Europe, and comprehensive insurance cover.

Once the car is at your location all the paperwork will be made shortly. We always suggest to get historic plates for your classic. It takes a bit longer but more advantages than ordinary plates. The benefits may include: no town hall taxes each year, technical inspection each three or five years, and specially no restrictions of lights, security belts, tails, gases, etc.

We also make all administrative procedures your car needs to be homologated: ITV (equivalent of MOT in UK and TUV in Germany, a number of checks are carried out on your vehicle to check that it is safe to drive and road worthy), and fully car documentation at Malaga tax office and Traffic department headoffice.

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