Imports.- We import all kinds of classic cars from any country in Europe and USA. Our consultants in Germany, Uk, and USA provide us a wide selection of classics available in the world. When we find a car, we take care to inspect it is in perfect condition. Sometimes it is worth paying a little more and have something in good condition. Subsequently we negotiate the price and make all arrangements for the vehicle to be transported to Spain. If the car is located in the United States is very important that it has the American title before transferring to our country.

Advantages and disadvantages of importing from Europe or USA. If you buy your car in the United States you may get a much better price than in Europe, even including transportation and documentation you will save money on your purchase. If you buy a car which is located in any European country the delivery period and procedures are always shorter. So basically is a matter of time and money that makes the difference. If the car is located in Spain the buying process can be reduced to a couple of days only.

How to buy a classic or vintage car?:

1.- Passion or investment, or maybe both. When you buy your dream car, that one you want to keep for the rest of your life, you will always take the right decision. If you are thinking about having fun for a while and selling it after, you better buy the right option. A different model of a same car and year can make the difference.

For example: 1966 Ford Mustang

200ci mustang add

Ford offered a choice of four different engine configurations in 1966:

Engine Code T: 200 cubic inch I-6 engine @ 120hp w/9.2:1 compression and a one-barrel carburetor
Engine Code C: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 200hp w/9.3:1 compression and two-barrel carburetor
Engine Code A: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 225hp w/10.0:1 compression and a four-barrel carburetor
Engine Code K: 289 cubic inch V-8 engine @ 271hp w/10.5:1 compression and a four-barrel carburetor

Their original cost was from 2400$ up to 2800$ aproximately. Same car, same shape, same interior, etc. This fascinating car was the same with different engine sizes. Of course, a more powerful engine always needs some more powerful brakes. As the rest of cars in the world, the biggest the engine is, the most expensive the car is sold. In fact, that´s normal and still happens nowadays. If you compare a driving on a 200ci 120hp versus a 289ci 200hp, you will notice that it´s basically the same, even maximum speed. The 289ci has a better sound because it´s a V8, and a little bit more reprise. The 200ci has much lower consumption and it´s more efficient engine instead. Here you are a 66 convertible and a 66 Fastback. Can you tell us which engine is bigger?

Shape version really makes a difference in price. About Mustangs, there are three different options avaliable: Coupe, Fastback, and Convertible (always the most expensive).

2.- Year production.- It makes a big difference in price also. There are some years much more valued than others. We put same example again: Mustang convertible. Iconic Mustangs from mid´s 1964 - 1966 are much more expensive, valued, and nicer than lates 60´s or 70´s. If you don´t really mind about the year, you can save thousands of euros.

3.- Market.- Once you know the model you are looking for, check cars avaliable for sale on Ebay, Mobile, Autoscout, or any other specialized site for classic cars. After buying and reading all classics and vintage cars magazines you might find in shops you soon find out the offer is poor and expensive. And can you trust someone abroad that you don´t know at all, specially under nowadays global financial situation?
In order to avoid that kind of trouble we offer our services to help you finding a classic car.
How does it work? Contact us and give us details about the kind of classic or vintage vehicle you are looking for: brand, model, year of production, condition and price range. If your expectations are realistic, because it’s all about the price in the end, we clear up the details and start searching for the vehicle until it´s found.

4.- Restoration project or ready to drive.- It always depends on money. Of course you can save a lot of money if you buy a good project and finish yourself, it will take time, patience, and money. If you can afford to buy a car ready to pass a technical inspection, you will save a lot of headaches.

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