ITV inspection service.- Every car needs to pass a technical inspection to be driven in Spain. ITV is equivalent of MOT in UK, and TÜV in Germany. A number of checks are carried out on your vehicle to check that it is safe to drive and road worthy. For a classic car is exactly the same, it needs to be inspectioned every year when it has ordinary plates, or each three, five, or more years when it has historic plates. The date of inspections depends on the age of the car.

ITV inspection in Spain

Your car also needs to pass ITV to get historic plates, this is one of most important requirements. This first inspection is more expensive because a car is thoroughly inspected. The following inspections will cost 35´23 euros, the same price as ordinary cars. There are many ITV stations on Costa del Sol, for futher info visit VEISA.

A very important advantage of historic vehicles is that they can hit the roads in their original way and ITV inspectors know that. So they will only check most basics and safety points on it.

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