Historic plates.- Benefits of this type of registration:

* Exemption from road tax.
* ITV based on the characteristics of the vehicle. Inspection period adjusted for vehicle age.
* Be able to keep the vehicle as manufactured by applying exemptions (control emissions, noise ...).
* Keep the original vehicle registration in addition to the present.
* Low Cost Insurance. Special rates to ensure more vehicles.

spanish historic plates procedures

Car requirements:

1. Those who have completed a minimum of twenty five years counted from the date of manufacture. Their components must have been made in the normal production period or variant type in question and its parts, with the exception of the elements consumables replaced by reproductions or equivalents carried out after normal production period, which shall be clearly identified. If there had been changes in the structure or components, consideration of historic vehicle shall be determined at the time of cataloging.

2. The vehicles included in the General Inventory of Movable Objects declared Spanish Historical Heritage or cultural interest and those of special interest because they belonged to a prominent personality or involved in an event of historical significance, if it appears from the reports accreditation and relevant advice.

3. The so-called vintage cars, which include those who, by their nature, uniqueness, scarcity manifests and other special circumstances very outstanding warrant under the scheme for historic vehicles.

Owner requirements:

1. NIE or DNI

2. Certificate of "Empadronamiento"

LIMITATIONS.- There are not limitations for a car registered after 40´s or 50´s. Some people think that historical plates may limit the use of a vehicle in Spain. That´s not correct. A classic or vintage car is limited only when it´s not able to be driven following traffic regulations. We explain this: "Imagine a vintage auto from the 20´s era with wood wheels and 50 kilometers per hour maximum speed. This kind of car is not ready to be driven in a highway, and if it hasn´t lights it´s not qualified to drive at nights". These are the limitations, it´s just comun sense. Most of cars after 40´s and 50´s are ready to be driven everydays, everytimes, all the ways.

If your car meets any of these requirements you may request the following documentation:

1.The previous inspection in an official laboratory accredited by the competent organ of the Junta de Andalucía.

2. Favorable resolution of the vehicle as historical documentation, issued by the competent organ of the Junta de Andalucía.

3. Technical inspection prior to registration or working in a station vehicle inspection of the province of domicile of the applicant.

4. And historic vehicle registration in the Provincial Traffic domiciled.

For further info please enquire.

These procedures might be difficult and take a long time if you do not know exactly how to carry them out, so we will make all arrangements to achieve your historical enrollment. To register a vehicle as a classic car used to take a long time in the past but nowadays it can be done easily and fast. Our comprehensive service offers all facilities such as collection of documentation and information about your vehicle, reduced form specifications, certificate of authenticity and originality, cataloging as a historic vehicle, ITV for registration, obtaining a green plate, transportation, procurement of definitive documentation and affordable insurance.

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