Transport and shipping.- Best shipping companies are in collaboration with us. They offer a door to door service with a professional handover when you need your classic car transported to Europe, and comprehensive insurance cover. It is very important to trust the transport company because your car will be in their hands for some time. The best way to determine the cost of shipping your vehicle is to get quotes from several auto transport companies but we can suggest some of most professionals in USA, Europe, and Spain. Most of these companies will make all arangements and procedures to take your car home. Your vehicle should be insured against damage and theft by the shipping company. However, you should always ask for a copy of current insurance coverage. If we provide this service for you, we´ll take care of everything.

Shipping a car from USA is longer and more expensive. There are two different ways to ship a car from the United States:

1.- Roll On & Off.- This is by far the easiest and cheap way to ship a car. Driven on to the ship and secured inside the car deck by a series of straps and braces.

2.- Container shipping.- A car is loaded into a 20ft or 40ft container at a port or regional warehouse near you. The vehicle is secured to the container floor by wooden blocks and strapping to stop any movement. The main advantage is you can also load your personal effects into this container and the sailings are usually more frequent.


When shipping a car from any european country the most comun way is the car transporter.


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