Homologations.- Our service includes all administrative procedures your car needs to be homologated: ITV (equivalent of MOT in UK and TUV in Germany) a number of checks are carried out on your vehicle to check that it is safe to drive and road worthy, and fully car documentation at Malaga tax office and Traffic department headoffice. For a classic car the easiest way to do this it is to get the historical plates. Why this?, if you try to validate your car with European standard registration you may find multiple problems to validate your car, such as problems of illumination, tails, belts, gas, etc. We always recommend making historical plates to prevent such problems, because when a car is approved historical enrollment it can circulate in its original way. Read more about historic plates.

spanish historic plates registration

Anyway the homologation is always a difficult task. Each particular case may present different problems. We always study all particular cases. It might take longer but impossible is nothing.

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