Appraisals.- Do you know how much your classic car or truck is really worth? Nothing beats a thorough appraisal from an experienced professional. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your car, an appraisal by us can give you an edge in negotiating that deal.

How to Get Classic Car Appraisals:
A classic car is an exciting investment whether you buy one fully restored or buy one you plan on fixing yourself. Whether you get a 60´s Shelby Mustang or a 30´s Packard, a classic car can bring years of enjoyment to your friends and family. When you want to find out the true value of your car, you'll need to receive appraisals from experts who are familiar with classic cars.
Always get multiple appraisals, particularly for a more rare, more sought after classic car. Multiple opinions from reputable appraisers can give you a great base of value for your car.. Get preliminary appraisals on your classic car as you restore it. If, for example, you want to use custom parts in the car, then find out what effect those parts will have on its final value.. Be aware that appraisals, even those conducted by highly experienced professionals, are opinions. In general you can expect to receive monetary compensation for your classic car relative to its appraised value, but someone may still pay considerably more for your car if he wants it badly enough..



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