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Classic cars are much more than just old automobiles. A whole culture and history swirls around beautiful classic cars and draws from the arts and other design industries to inspire and build great vehicles. It takes time, money, and dedication to become a classic car expert but the rewards make the investment worthwhile. As classic cars experts we understand the modern and vintage car market.

The field of classic cars is endless; it crosses countries, continents and decades of development. It was important for us to begin with a specific segment of the classic car field to learn the basics of the classics, that field was american classic cars from 50´s and 60´s. Nowdays we have become experts in british, german, italian, spanish, and american cars from all decades.
The mechanics of classic car are the basics. After learning about carburetors, radiators and pistons, and also shape, rust, chromes, ... we are able to inspect a classic car condition. We are always updating our knowledges, reading motors magazines and books plenty of valuable information and great stories about classics. We participate in all major meetings and auctions around Europe.

Our team.
Classic cars imports has been created by a group of classic cars enthusiasts in order to be one of most well reputated spanish sites in classic automobiles. Our team consist of small group of persons and each one has a specific task. Our contacts in USA and Germany are basic links, but no less important than those gents responsible for handling paperwork and plates. We all are classic vehicles owners, in fact some of us are members of different classics clubs on Costa del Sol. We organise and host most popular meetings from Málaga to Puerto Banús. We help all of our friends and members restoring and finding parts for them, promoting and selling their vehicles, etc.

A matter of trust.
All our are services are free except imports and plates, these two tasks are most requested services but also hard to handle, that´s why low rates are charged. We try to carry out all procedures in the most efficient and transparent way; so when you get a budget, each and every one of the expenses are well detailed separately. For further info please check our "suggestions and transparency" links out. We are not a ghost shop, we won´t be missed after selling you a car. We, our friends and families, are living on Coast since we were born. The best way to know about our team is meeting us. Come and join us. We organise meetings every month, you can see and inspect our cars, chat and have a coffee with us.

Our goals.
A perfect world for us is living in a city plenty of classic cars, say hi to a Chevy or Tbird when parking at the supermarket, drive beside an Austin Healy, see the Studz front lights on the rearview mirror, and stop next to a flashing Mercedes Gullwing at trafiic lights. We would like to live in a classic world, we can´t live in the 50´s but we can drive a car from that time, we just love classic cars. Mr. Sinatra used to sing "world is gonna be the same, you ain´t gonna change it"... We can´t change the world but we can make it nicer.

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