Mr. Alessandro Ramírez Gámez profile.- Born in Málaga, 1970. Graduated in economic sciencies and business administration and direction degree. Worked as administrative officer for ten years. Joined Real Estate business for another seven years, and became Product Director of Interealty, and Sales Director of some other companies. Nowdays he works as consultant for a well established company in Marbella. European well educated and traveled gentleman with great personality and professional background. Reliable, honest and trustworthy, he portrays confidence. English, spanish, german, and italian well spoken man.

He has been a classic car lover since childhood. His favourite cars are those from 50´s and 60´s.

About his private collection, he had some classics in the past, and currently owns a flashing 1966 Ford Mustang convertible fully restored, a stunning 62 Lincoln Continental convertible (he worked almost three years restoring this vehicle), a 66 Volkswagen Kafer convertible, and a 1995 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail with "Evolution" engine. His declaration:

"Nothing is forever but my love for classics"


alexandro ramirez classic cars
Member of different classic cars clubs on Coast as "Club de amigos de los clásicos de Torremolinos" and "Classic Cars Vehicles of Benalmádena", is also proud to be Vicepresident of the "American Classic Cars Owners Club Costa del Sol". His favourite cars are: Mustang 66 convertible and 65 Fastback, Vette´58, Tbird 56, Caddy Eldorado convertible 53, MB 300 SL Roadster 56, Lincoln Continental convertible 62, MB 300K Roadster 37.


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